Information for Parents

A “Montessori parent” is any parent who respects the child as an individual. At Montessori Central School, parents retain an active interest in learning about the Montessori method and work to incorporate Montessori principles of child development at home. Parents participate in the education of their children by attending conferences, observations, curriculum nights, meetings, and fund-raising events.

Detailed information for parents is found in our Parent Handbook.

The Parent-School Partnership

Observing in the Classroom
We encourage parents to visit their child’s classroom during the school term. We also welcome students, teachers, and others interested in education to observe. Due to limited space, an appointment is necessary. There is usually an opportunity for discussion with the administrator at the end of the session.

Parent-Teacher Conferences
Montessori Central School encourages open communication between parents and staff members. In addition to two scheduled parent-teacher conference periods during the school year (see school calendar), staff are happy to schedule a conference at parents’ convenience whenever the need arises.

Parent Meetings
Montessori Central School holds periodic evening meetings/workshops for parents covering topics related to Montessori education and child development. Please check the school calendar for dates and topics.

Our Commitments

Responsibilities of the School

    • To provide an environment that is clean, safe, and attractive
    • To maintain the standards and licensing required by state, county, and city agencies
    • To provide a program that is stimulating, developmentally appropriate, and the best possible
    • To provide teachers who are exceptional in their capacity for guiding and caring
    • To remain committed to professional growth and openness to new ideas

Responsibilities of the Parents

    • To bring and pick up the child on time
    • To fulfill financial and legal obligations to the school promptly
    • To support both school and child
        — by attending parent meetings and conferences
        — by keeping informed on goals and policies of the school
        — by volunteering time, effort, and talent as possible
    • To support the Association Montessori Internationale with membership

Responsibility of the Children

    • To construct the adults they will become

Post-Enrollment Forms

    • Immunization record
    • Medications to be administered at school
    • Allergy/inhaler/epi-pen forms
    • Parent and alternate contact info form
    • Authorization for other relatives/friends to pick up child from school
    • Emergency transport release
    • Sunscreen release
    • Carpool permission
    • Volunteer forms
    • etc.