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The Special Benefits of Montessori for Toddlers

The tiny infant you welcomed into your family about a year ago is showing signs of becoming a toddler, and you have begun looking at local toddler programs.

Of course you want convenient hours, a clean and safe facility, and knowledgeable staff. Beyond the basics, though, you want the best quality for your child.

To help you decide on Montessori versus traditional care, this month we’re addressing the benefits of Montessori for toddlers—children from 15 months to 3 years old. Learn how the Montessori toddler program is uniquely designed to suit the way these children play, work, and learn.

1. The Toddler at Play

Younger toddlers play alongside each other, but not together, because they don’t yet understand taking turns or sharing an object. A Montessori toddler program respects this “parallel play” stage by offering plenty of individual materials and activities, along with open time to explore them.

toddler painting independently showing one of the benefits of Montessori for toddlers

As the children mature, naturally becoming more social, Montessori toddler teachers model polite conversation and offer engaging lessons in “grace and courtesy.” When the inevitable conflicts come up, Montessori teachers use them as opportunities to teach real-world social skills.

2. The Toddler at Work

As early as 15 months old, children want to participate in adult work. Given right-size tools, they will imitate tasks such as sweeping the floor. Imitation soon morphs into purposeful work, which builds feelings of accomplishment and self-worth. The benefits of Montessori for toddlers include plenty of work opportunities designed to appeal to toddlers.

As you know, one of the toddler’s biggest tasks is toilet learning. Some children in the Montessori Center School toddler program wear absorbent cotton “training pants” rather than disposable pull-up diapers. The cotton allows a feeling of wetness that a disposable diaper is designed to prevent—letting the child make a mental cause-and-effect connection. Low fixtures in the restroom let children be as independent as possible in taking care of their physical needs, while adults are there to help and encourage when needed.

3. The Toddler’s Brain at Work

A toddler learns about the world through sensory exploration—seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling—and Montessori Center School is bursting with sensory experiences. Indoors, there may be small jars of herbs to smell, leaves with different textures to feel, and shakers that make different sounds. Outdoors offers the full sensorial bounty of nature, from brilliant flowers to woolly sheep!

young child watering plants showing one of the benefits of Montessori for toddlers

Another of the biggest benefits of Montessori for toddlers is its emphasis on language development. Montessori toddler teachers have daily individual conversations with each child. Children absorb new vocabulary organically in the context of daily activities, as well as through specific learning materials. Songs, stories, and poems are also joyfully woven throughout the life of the Montessori toddler program.

Get the Benefits of Montessori for Your Toddler

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