Mother and son doing spring Montessori activities

Spring Montessori Activities To Do At Home

We hope you are all staying well! To help keep your children engaged during this prolonged “break” from school, this week we’ve put together some spring Montessori activities to do at home (and don’t miss out on our last list of Montessori at home activities).

Make an Easter Tree

Called Ostereierbaum in German, an Easter Tree is a popular Easter tradition in Germany. To make a simple Easter Tree for inside your home, trim some branches from a flowering bush or tree and place them in a vase. Then decorate the branches with colored eggs (plastic or blown-out eggshells) or other spring-themed ornaments. Count how many ornaments you hang and see if you can incorporate different geometric shapes into your designs. As part of this spring Montessori activity, you can read the story of the famed Egg Tree of Saalfeld to your child.

colorful easter eggs hanging in a tree
Decorate a tree indoors or out to celebrate the beauty of spring and Easter.

Read an Easter Book

Reading together is a great way to encourage concentration and work on language with your child. As you read, have your child practice saying the words. If they are familiar with some sight words, see if they can identify any words on the page. Define words together that they aren’t familiar with. This free online book, The Easter Egg Hunt, encourages counting and engages children throughout the story.

Bake Sugar Cookies

Baking is an excellent practical life activity to do with your child. There are opportunities for measuring, stirring, counting, pouring, and more. Follow a simple sugar cookie recipe (like this one) and cut the cookies into spring-themed shapes like eggs, bunnies, flowers, or butterflies. If you don’t have cookie cutters, try using aluminum foil to form the intended shape. Once they’ve baked and cooled, have fun decorating them together!

Parents and young child baking Easter cookies
Baking spring-themed cookies is one of our favorite practical life spring Montessori activities.

Do Some Chalk Art

Sidewalk chalk is a fun way for kids to be creative and exercise their artistic skills outdoors. Stained-glass sidewalk chalk art has been popular lately—you may have even seen it on a neighbor’s driveway during your neighborhood walk. This is a great way to incorporate geometric shapes into your child’s sidewalk chalk art. All you need is masking tape/blue tape and chalk. Mark out the design first using the tape and make sure to incorporate specific geometric shapes (triangles, squares, rectangles, diamonds) into the design. Then let your child color to their heart’s content. Remove the tape to reveal the completed design.

Explore Insects Outside

Along with butterflies and hummingbirds, spring insects have made their appearance in our yards and gardens! We’ve seen milkweed beetles, grasshoppers, caterpillars, and ladybugs. Spend 20 minutes and go on a “Bug Hunt” with your child in your backyard or neighborhood. What insects do you find? Take a picture of them with your smartphone and help your child draw a picture of each insect when you get home. If they are writing letters already, help them write out the name of each insect. Look up information on every insect and read about them together. Read a book online about insects (Insects! Insects! Everywhere! is one option).

preschooler doing outdoor spring montessori activity
Digging in dirt and looking for spring insects is perfect nature-based learning!

Create a Recycled Easter Basket

This year is perfect for recycling materials around the house to make Easter decorations without going out to the store. Encourage your child’s creativity (and teach them the value of recycling/upcycling) by making a simple Easter basket out of a milk carton/jug, plastic bottle, or tin can. All you’ll need is a receptacle, some paint or paper to decorate it, and twine, cable, or ribbon for a handle. Any other supplies you happen to have can add to the decoration: stickers, gems, pom poms, etc. See one homemade Easter basket idea here.

Have fun and be creative with your Montessori learning and play. Check back for more resources soon!

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